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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Dont be so stingy Arsenal. Pay the money for Aubameyang

By 1970's Gooner

Its the same every time. Arsenal trying to squeeze even the last penny out of a deal. Trying to get the player on the cheap when it is obvious that the valuation Dortmund placed on Aubameyang is about right considering todays market place.

We have already placed a bid for 50m or so, so we are not far away anyway. And we DO NEED to strengthen following Sanchez's departure AND WE DO HAVE AROUND 250M CASH SITTING IN THE BANK.


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Aubameyang transfer to go to the wire with uncertain outcome

By 1970's Gooner

Lets get the so called facts right. 

It is a fact that Aubameyang wants to come to Arsenal and Arsenal do want him having sent over a strong delegation headed by Gazides to get the deal through. It seems that this a deal that Arsene wants badly enough having upped the money offered to 53m.

Dortmund want to get rid of Aubameyang as he has been very problematic with his attitude but they need to find a replacement and have asked for Giroud.

There are only 7 days left for the window to close and it seems that Dortmund have a slight bargaining advantage as they don't need to sell that badly and can wait till the next window in the summer. They also need to make sure that they qualify for the CL.

On the other hand Arsenal have, as always, left things very late again and are desperate to make up the gap that Sanchez has left behind as failure to get fourth place or a Europa Cup win is seriously looming ahead.

This will cost them a few more million as Dortmund are likely to press their advantage through. And I predict that Wenger will relent and allow Giroud to get his desired move to Dortmund thus improving his chances of a place in the world cup France squad.

But all this will probably unravel on dead line day at 12 o'clock at night ala Arshavin's transfer if you remember.

Nothing changes at Arsenal in the end!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Yes there was a bias against Arsenal but is it justified?

By 1970's Gooner

What do us Arsenal supporters expect from the media and ex player pundits when they see a match lost 3-1 by Arsenal at home with a possession statistic of 75% and 30 attempts at goal!

We've all heard that story before haven't we? Dominate possession, the opponents park the bus and then do us on the counter attack usually through a defensive mistake.

Even we were and still are extremely critical of our players, especially Mustafi and Koscienly, after the Man Utd debacle let alone the media and MOTD who make their money by highlighting these faults and sometimes using hyperbole to transmit them to the mostly neutral masses.

It is a fact that we were terrible in defence and one would have thought that Wenger would have prepared the players for exactly this sort of thing happening. So for my money Wenger should get some of the blame.

In addition it seemed that we were not prepared to face, from first whistle, the full court press on our defenders. They were not mentally tuned in to deal with it. They were under the impression that Utd would sit back  from the first minute and play their waiting game.

Still you would have thought that Arsenal's players could pass their way out of it! Instead they were passing to the opponents!

Were the media (and pundits) failed imo is that they did not spend enough time to analyse the fantastic attacking display by Arsenal and how two terrible decisions by an inept referee and assistants changed the course of the game.

How would the game have panned out if the decision on the clear foul on Welbeck was given? It would have been 2 2 of course with lots of time left to snatch a winner (for both teams).

The media would then have been more eulogistic and even euphoric towards Arsenal coming back from 2 0 down so impressively....

Which brings me to the referee (and his inept assistants). They were lauded on BT for their fantastic refereeing!!!!! They brushed aside the two clear penalty incidents as though they were a minor element in the game....

This and Clattenburg's recent statements of devising a game plan before the game and sticking to it smells to me.

May be the referee for Arsenal's game did not want to award a penalty for the same reasons.

You may say that he did give a red card to Pogba. But that was right in front of him, he did have a clear view so he couldn't just ignore it and it was a clear red card after all.

Still we should focus on the positives. We have a fantastic capacity for attacking play which blew Utd away and would have blown Man City away too. We played with intensity, beautiful movement and Lacazette is an amazing forward.

Can you sort out the defence Mr Wenger?

Monday, October 30, 2017

What's happened to Mustafi?

By 1970's Gooner

I am worried about the game at Man City. I am not worried about them, their performance and form are all there for all to see. They will play the full attacking game and put pressure on the ball when they haven't got it.

I am worried about two things. One is the tactics that Wenger should employ to nullify their threats and the other is Mertesacker.

In previous seasons, in similar games, Wenger would ask his players to play their open attacking game and then get slaughtered. There have been two deviations form this.

The away win at Man City a few years back which set us on a winning run but was soon abandoned thereafter.

The other was this season's away draw at Chelsea where a beautiful balance was struck between defence and attack. We restricted Chelsea quite adequately and were unlucky not to win the game.

Can Wenger though play the same way against Man City? Remember in the Chelsea game both Ozil and Sanchez did not start (Sanchez came on as a sub for Welbeck).

I think Wenger will start both of them but I simply do not see Ozil carrying his defensive duties when we are not in possession.

My other main worry is Mertesacker.

He was awful against Swansea. He was too slow, got caught in possession and of course with his lack of pace was vulnerable to speedy attackers taking him on.

He was also at fault, along with Xhaka, for Everton's first goal.

Which brings me on to Mustafi. Where is he? Wrenger told the press last week that he was close to being available for selection after overcoming his injury. But he was not even on the bench against Swansea, Holding was!

Now has Mustafi returning on the 18th of November!

It's not that I rate Mustafi highly, he is at best an average defender who needs to improve his game. But a fit Mustafi would have got in ahead of Mertesacker.

Still I was saying the same thing before the FA Cup final and Mertesacker was probably man of the match!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

‘One nil to the Arsenal’ form George Graham to Arsene Wenger?

By 1970's Gooner

It was of course very refreshing and encouraging to see the way Arsenal deployed themselves against Chelsea. Enthusiasm, running, commitment but above all being as good off the ball as on it.

In previous encounters with the bigger teams Arsene would line up with the same old gang ho tactics. We will play our game whatever, was his motto. That's why we usually got thumped 5s and 6s. The only other occasion he changed his tactics to good effect was for the away 2 0 win at Man City a few years back.

The other reason for this performance at Chelsea was that dozy Ozil was not on the team sheet. He presence and style of play does not make for the type of tactics employed at Chelsea.

He holds onto the ball and slides passes through. His contribution can only be maximised in an Arsenal that dominates the play and needs to break down a defence.

But when we face the strong teams, who put pressure and do not leave you any space, he becomes largely ineffective. He also does not contribute when the team is off the ball and has to win it back. 

The big question is : Will Wenger now continue with this formation AND personnel ?

This team has shown that it can do the business when off the ball. It can hold positions, mark tightly at the back and across the field and be as dirty as required to stop the opponent from playing their game.

But it also has an extra attribute. It can do it in style. It has players who can be elegant on the ball. It can play a tight game but can also create chances, good chances to win these games. They could have scored against Chelsea on several occasions (the most obvious one was Laca's wild miss..)

In the George Graham era ( I am a 1970's Gooner after all) we would go to Highbury and we knew the players would be up for it, fighting for every ball when they were out of possession. And we would more often than not get a goal at the other end.

But this team can do this job stylishly, with skill and elegance.

'One nil to the Arsenal' can be our way back to the future.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Will Wenger announce Sanchez calf injury still persists?

By 1970's Gooner

It's a bit strange that Sanchez developed a cold just at the time when he was due to fly back to begin his pre season. This conveniently meant he would not be ready to start his fitness comeback for the start of the season.

He then conveniently developed a calf injury which Wenger expected to side line him for the games against Leicester and Stoke.

Sounds strange too that Coutinho developed a convenient injury which ruled him out of Liverpool's opening games against Watford and Palace. Now apparently he is ill....

I think both Wenger and Klopp are insulting our intelligence levels.

Really? They both asked to move away and both have developed these phantom injuries. At least Diego Costa was honest enough to let everyone know that he is raring to go but with a new team...

My thinking is that Sanchez and Coutinho are not likely to start next weekend. They will want to make sure that they receive no injuries by not playing, otherwise it may jeopardise their transfer, if it materialises of course.

They are likely to do this under instructions from the interested clubs putting in bids for them and of course from their agents.

Wenger's statement that Sanchez may return against Liverpool may come back to haunt him.

Sanchez is likely to return after the window shuts.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Arsene's unbalanced midfield needs rethinking

By 1970's Gooner

Arsene's teams in the last 10 years are unbalanced. Xhaka is not a holding midfielder neither is Ramsey. When the ball is lost in midfield there is no real barrier to stop the on coming attack. Ramsey is already too forward and Xhaka more often than not is unable to provide the defensive shield needed.

In the past there was a Gilberto an Edu or a Vieira. Now there is nothing of the sort. Look at Matic. He wins the ball and plays it simple to a team mate. This releases Pogba to be more forward thinking. Xhaka releases Ramsey but he is no Matic...

That's why Man Utd have every chance of winning the League but Wenger's Arsenal do not.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Bookies really slash the odds for Lacazette to Arsenal

By 1970's Gooner

It's beginning to look like Wenger has got his finger out and really zoomed right on to one of his main targets, Lacazette.

This he has done once he realised that Mbappe would not have joined in a million years. May be he should have realised that at the beginning and saved us and his time.

The bookies have now slashed the odds subsequent to Lyon president's comments: 

“Alexandre should have left for Atletico, but that could not be done,” Aulas said.

“He wants to leave. We will discuss it in the coming weeks. If so, offers will be heard, provided they match the value of the player.

“We have not received any concrete offers for Lacazette up to now but that could happen at any moment.”

As to who might replace Lacazette the Lyon president added: “The case would obviously be the arrival of a player capable of scoring 25 to 30 goals per year. It will be a French international or a player of a very large European club.”

Skybet have now made Arsenal very strong favourites at 4/11 on to sign before the end of the transfer window, he is 11/4 to remain with Lyon.

Dortmund are second favourites behind the Gunners at 12/1, with Liverpool third in the running at 16/1.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Is Wenger going to do a Wenger?

By 1970's Gooner

Pre season begins on the 3rd of July and not all of the first team squad will be there as many have taken part in various tournaments (or are injured).

Nevertheless Arsene Wenger has only signed one player so far (Sead kolasinac), on a free. And he has apparently been busy putting in bids for various players which is a marked improvement on previous seasons where his strategy was to wait till the last throws of the transfer window and try and get some bargains.

However no other tangible movement has taken place yet and this is worrying especially when, in comparison, Manchester City, United and Liverpool have signed and are signing players and Chelsea is getting near too.

We also have to take into account that Wenger has three times as much work to do on the transfer front as other managers which is bound to slow him down even further.

Firstly he has to make sure that Ozil, the Ox and Sanchez's futures are at the Emirates which is by no means an easy feat, especially for the latter player.

Secondly he has to get in players, either to replace any of the above who may be leaving and also bring in  a new centre forward that was so glaringly missing last season. This has to be a marquee signing as it will give the message both to the fans and to other key players that we are back in business.

Thirdly he has to get rid of all the dead wood that is lying around (or players wanting to leave) and eating at the available money left for transfers and salaries. Players like Jenkinson, Debuchy, Ospina, Gibbs and Perez.

So you can see that I am getting worried that Wenger may do a Wenger and try and do everything himself and thus get really bogged down with all these players to shift and bring in.

Don't believe that the recent recruitments on the contractual end will actually be of that much help. He calls the shots, don't be fooled, and more importantly he has to make the decisions on the transfers and only then the support staff will kick into action.

And we all know that decision making on transfers is not his forte and procrastination tends to be the norm. Remember all those signings he has been making on the last day of the windows?

In one occasion it was six players... And do you remember how desperately short we were at the back for the first game of last season? If he had acted quicker and got in reinforcements we may have even got a draw against Liverpool (instead of shipping four) and actually made the top 4.....

This is going to be, probably, the most important transfer window of the last decade as we have to get Arsenal back on track challenging for the title and playing in the CL again thus returning to the elite of the Premier League and European football.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

A way to solve the defensive crisis and keep the three at the back formation

By 1970's Gooner

The central defenders crisis which has fallen upon Arsenal has made choosing the formation according to the players left standing. But should it be so?

Lets start with the formation.

I believe the three at the back belatedly employed by Wenger is the most appropriate formation.

It gives more defensive stability with the wing backs bombing up and down the line offering support when in offence and providing more cover at the back when we don't have the ball.

Equally important is the fact that the attacking players, especially dozy Ozil, are relieved of their defensive duties and can concentrate on their more creative aspects of their game.

It's no wonder that the team has let in only 6 goals in their last 9 games. This is a title winning ratio. Apart from the figures, the team looks more stable and balanced between defence and attack which is very important.

So in my mind we have to carry on with the three at the back formation. It's the only way we can beat Chelsea.

But you might say all well and good but we now haven't got the central defenders to do it.

I say we may have.

If Mustafi can get over his concussion problems then the problem is solved of course. But with the new FA rules on the matter it looks that he will probably not make it as he is still feeling dizzy when running.

And I would not suggest that Mertesacker starts. He practically has not played for the whole season and even admits that he is not sure he can do it.

A possible line up at the back will include both the Ox and Bellerin.

The Ox as right wing back and Gibbs as left wing back.

The three at the back will be Bellerin at the right, Monreal in the middle and Holding on the left.

I am convinced that this formation with this personnel will provide the best chance for Arsenal and Wenger to lift the Cup on Saturday.